Parametric Ply Chair Version 1

The parametric ply chair is the first experiment in creating customized parametric furniture utilizing digital fabrication and analog assembly. The form is created in Rhino via Grasshopper utilizing parametric catenary curves that can be adjusted to provide various seat configurations. By adjusting parameters such as the seat depth, back height, seat width, leg height, and seat depression, the chair can be customized to a persons size and seating preference.

This work is ongoing and is currently being adapted to generate custom street furniture.

Screen shot of parametric form contoured and thickened to match material parameters.

First few profile passes on a 3 axis CNC @ Techshop Pittsburgh

Finishing the last few profile passes on a 3 axis CNC @ Techshop Pittsburgh

Stacking lamination assembly

One half assembled… who needs a dining room…

Close up of the transition

Ying and yang

The final clamp

Parametric Ply Chair Version 1

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